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MCH Teacher Email Lists - Most Accurate and Updated

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Get Quality Teacher Email Lists From MCH

MCH Strategic Data is the leading provider of quality teacher email lists. Now, we’ve made it easier than ever to lease our teacher email lists online through our ListBuilder. Select your criteria, add the attributes you want, and get a list in minutes. It’s that simple. 


Verified and Permission-Passed Teacher Email Lists

Leasing a teacher email list from MCH will allow you to build targeted sales and marketing campaigns, and because we don’t require a minimum order online, you can build targeted segments that will help you build your brand and create awareness.

MCH’s multi-faceted compilation process includes public sources, email verification, and phone validation to ensure that our teacher email list quality is superior. To learn more about our teacher email list compilation process and to view current counts of K-12 schools, districts and personnel, visit our K-12 data section.


Marketing to Teachers can be Challenging


Teacher Email Lists are Constantly Changing

Teacher email lists and direct mail lists decay at a rate of 2% per month. They change jobs, get married, retire or take on additional responsibilities at schools. 


Teachers Get Multiple Offers

Teachers get many offers for products and services. If you aren’t reaching them with the right message and offer at the right time, you can get lost in the shuffle.


Why You Need MCH’s Teacher Email Lists


MCH Keeps Data Clean and Updated

MCH updates teacher data weekly, so we provide the cleanest, most up-to-date teacher list on the market. 


MCH Teacher Email Lists Get Delivered

MCH deploys millions of emails to teachers per week that get delivered to the inbox. 

Our dedicated staff uses state-of-the-art technology to deploy and monitor campaigns. 

Clients receive actionable reports with recommendations on how to optimize results. 


Five Tips for Using Email to Market to Teachers


1. Be Relevant

Make your teacher emails stand out. Using an offer or a compelling subject line and preview text will help get your emails opened. The more people who open your emails, the better chance you have of driving sales. 


2. Make Sure Your Teacher Email List is Current

Use a reputable list provider. MCH has been compiling teacher email lists for years. We understand the market, fluctuations, and changes within schools and districts, and even have attributes such as school open and close dates that you can add to your teacher email list criteria. 


3. Be Strategic

Develop a strategy to nurture your teacher email lists. If you have high brand awareness, you may be able to send fewer emails, but if you are new to the market, you may need to send multiple emails over an extended period.  


4. Make Sure Your Emails Get Delivered

Use a reputable email service provider or ESP. Deliverability is a hot topic these days. Using a reputable ESP can help you get your messages delivered. If you are new to email and don’t have an email service provider, MCH’s team of email deployment specialists can deploy your campaign for you. Our custom services also include custom audience segmentation, review of creative and advice on best practices to avoid being blocked.


5. Establish Goals and Metrics

It’s always a good idea to establish goals and metrics for any email marketing program. Once your goals and metrics are established, reviewing your campaign and monitoring engagement is important. You can easily establish which segments have the highest response and engagement rates, and which ones need improvements and optimizations. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Why Choose MCH Teacher Lists? 

Answer: MCH uses a proprietary compilation method that includes public sources, technology and human verification. Emails are permission-passed and verified before putting them on the database to ensure that our clients receive known deliverable email addresses. 


Question: Are MCH’s Teacher Email Lists CAN-SPAM Compliant?

Answer: Yes. MCH complies with CAN-SPAM, GDPR, CASL and CCPA.


Question: What Types of Companies Purchase MCH Teacher Email Lists?

Answer: B2B marketers who sell products or services to K-12 educators purchase our data. Teachers purchase classroom supplies, office supplies, curriculum, technology applications, and they are influencers of larger purchases at schools and districts. 


Question: Can I Deploy Teacher Email Lists that I lease from MCH on my Own?

Answer: Yes. You can deploy MCH teacher email lists through an email service provider. If you don’t have an email service provider, MCH can deploy on your behalf through our Channel_e service. 


Question: Can I Purchase MCH Teacher Email Lists Online?

Answer: Yes. MCH has made it easy to order teacher email lists online through ListBuilder. Simply select your criteria and view your counts and pricing. If all looks good, you can purchase online and receive your list in minutes.


Question: Is There a Minimum Order for Teacher Email Lists?

Answer: If you order through our online ListBuilder, there is no minimum order amount. 


Question: Are MCH’s Teacher Email Lists Only Available Online?

Answer: No. You can call one of MCH’s Relationship Managers to place an order. They are tenured experts in the data industry and would be happy to help you with your overall data and marketing strategies. To reach an MCH Relationship Manager, call 800-776-6373 or email


Question: What is MCH’s Coverage for Teacher Lists?

Answer: At any given time, MCH’s K-12 database has over 5.6 million educators. Many of those educators have email addresses on the database. MCH’s counts are fluid because we are constantly updating, verifying, adding and removing records. To view the most recent counts, please visit our K-12 data section. 


Question: How is MCH Different Than Other Data Providers?

Answer: MCH is a family-owned company that has been around for over 90 years. We have offices in Missouri and Kansas, and we have a team of full-time data researchers who work in our Sweet Springs, MO office. They phone verify and quality check every record before it is put on the MCH database. Our U.S.- based team has an average tenure of over 15 years. 


Question: Does MCH Provide More than Teacher Email Lists?

Answer: Yes. MCH is the leading compiler of institutional data. We compile data for education, healthcare, government and religious institutions. We also provide deployment, data integration, analytics and technology services. 


Customer Reviews

“Since switching to MCH, we’ve seen a drastic increase of metrics across the board – open rates, click-through rates, and our leads gathered through capture forms are much higher. The ease of scheduling emails is extremely convenient, customer service with the MCH team has been outstanding, and the quality and transparency of the data MCH provides is stellar!” 

Adam Bowers, Advertising Specialist Brand Marketing & Communications Rakuten OverDrive  


"Our company has worked with MCH for over 20 years now. Their expertise in the institutional marketplace continues to be the primary reason for both of our successes and continued growth. Whether working on the source of their contact data, strategies for marketing more effectively or integrating new ways of connecting in our market segments, the MCH staff is professional, knowledgeable. and very responsive."

Kathleen Chaney, Director of Marketing Worthington Direct


Ready to order your teacher email list? Visit our ListBuilder to order online or contact an MCH Relationship Manager.




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"We buy from MCH Strategic Data on a regular basis having been impressed from the start with how helpful the team is with our initial data requests to processing the orders quickly."
"MCH was invaluable in helping me determine the list that would best fit my company, in addition to staying within my budget."
"Since switching to MCH, we’ve seen a drastic increase of metrics across the board –open rates, click through rates and our leads gathered through capture forms are much higher."
"MCH has proven to be a true partner. Their team provided us with a variety of tools to allow us to easily access quality education data. We appreciate their excellent customer service and technical support."
"I have to say the MCH list platform is the easiest online list count/order system I have used.

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