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Fire and Ambulance

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Access Fire Departments and Ambulance Services

Compiled by MCH's U.S.-based research team.

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Fire Departments
Ambulance Services
Fire and Ambulance Personnel with Email

Competitive Fire and Ambulance data at your fingertips

MCH's Fire Department data consists of local institutions under municipal, county or private authority that provide fire prevention, organized and efficient responses to fires, first-response to hazardous material incidents, public fire education and basic level first-responder medical response in emergency situations.   MCH's Ambulance Services data includes those institutions that primarily provide emergency transportation for the ill or injured. The types of ambulance services included in the dataset are emergency medical services (EMS), air ambulances, and first-responders.

Buying Power

This audience typically purchases office supplies, cleaning supplies, technology, hardware software, food services and more.

Target Local Governments

MCH can help you expand your sales and marketing reach. Add fire departments and ambulance services to your mix. 

Compilation Process

The MCH government database is updated by our team of U.S.-based research specialists. The database is updated on a continuous basis. Unlike many MCH competitors who rely on yellow page information to compile the data, MCH’s team of professionals research and phone verify each institution before adding it to the database. Additional updates to the file are captured through client feedback and monthly USPS-approved CASS, LACS and National Change of Address systems.


MCH Email Quality

MCH permissions-passes government email addresses to validate accuracy. Email recipients who wish to opt out of future email communications are removed from the database. In addition, any undeliverable email addresses are also removed at this time. This gives our clients known deliverable email addresses for in-house use or deployment through MCH or other providers.


MCH has several plug and play applications that integrate with the most popular CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms. We also build custom integrations to fit any sales and marketing tech stack.

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Analytics Services

Translate data into the information you need with MCH’s analytics services. Make more informed decisions faster to grow your business, retain more customers, and work more efficiently.

How analytics changes the game

  Enhanced ESP Report   Data Mapping   MCH Buyer Modeling   Customer Lifetime Value   Market Basket Analysis   Customer Reactivation   List Fatigue / Decay   Custom Analytics Projects

Enterprise IT Development

MCH can help you build tools and applications that are specific to your organization’s technology needs. Our services range from IT consulting to enterprise development and implementation.

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"Their team provided us with a variety of tools to allow us to easily access quality education data." Liz Petersen
Museum of Science
"We buy from MCH Strategic Data on a regular basis having been impressed from the start with how helpful the team is with our initial data requests to processing the orders quickly." Victoria Lysons
Head of Marketing - Cardea Solutions
"I have to say the MCH list platform is the easiest online list count/order system I have used." Darci Saunders
Director of Business Development - DMS

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