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Medical Practices

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Reach Doctors by Specialty

Segment by demographic and firmographic information to find the right audience.

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Selling products and services to doctors’ offices requires a precision sales and marketing approach.  In order to break through the clutter, you need to speak their language and get to the heart of their needs quickly. Often times, this includes pitching your products to medical practice office managers. MCH’s medical practice data includes demographic and firmographic data on doctors’ offices.  Segment by specialty, the degree of the physician, and get contact information of the office manager, who oftentimes acts as a personal gatekeeper. Our data is phone-verified and frequently updated in order to provide our customers with the quality they want and need. Build a list.  Fill your funnel. Grow your business with MCH medical practice data.


Compilation and Update process

The MCH medical practice data is updated quarterly and is NCOA (National Change of Address) and CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System), a USPS process for address accuracy, certified.  Recipients are phone-verified when the information from trusted sources indicates a change has occurred that needs verification. MCH uses hundreds of sources from which to record changes or confirm, “no change.” Additionally, client partnerships capture changed records from live marketing campaigns and add new institutions and personnel to the database. MCH’s evidence-based approach is the backbone of our U.S.-based research center’s business model.


MCH Email Quality

MCH email addresses are CAN-SPAM compliant and verified through multiple processes as well as proprietary methodologies. These validation processes remove invalid emails and give our clients higher quality emails for in-house use or MCH deployments. Due to the volatility of email addresses, MCH recommends updating email contacts on a regular basis.

Analytics Services

Translate data into the information you need with MCH’s analytics services. Make more informed decisions faster to grow your business, retain more customers and work more efficiently.

How analytics changes the game

  Enhanced ESP Report   Data Mapping   MCH Buyer Modeling   Customer Lifetime Value   Market Basket Analysis   Customer Reactivation   List Fatigue and Decay Analysis   Custom Analytics Projects


MCH has several plug and play applications that integrate with the most popular CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms. We also build custom integrations to fit any sales and marketing tech stack.

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What People Are Saying

"MCH has been a long-term partner with us and their industry knowledge and expertise for health, education, and government-related data has helped our clients immensely. Their data team is very professional, friendly and responsive, a joy to work with! We look forward to working with them in the future."

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