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Dental Practices

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Reach Dentists by Specialty with MCH Dental Practices Data

Generate profitable leads by adding dentists to your target audience.

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Dental Practices
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The dental industry is approximately a $120 billion industry and projected to grow.  Growth in this industry is stemming from our aging population, the rise in popularity of cosmetic dentistry and Medicaid expansion.  Adding this desirable target audience to your sales and marketing campaigns could lead to incremental growth. That said, it requires complex targeting, building your campaigns on a solid foundation of quality data and knowing how to get past the gatekeeper, who is most likely the office manager.   MCH’s dental practices data includes demographic and firmographic data on dentists’ offices. Segment by dental specialty and other attributes. Build a list. Fill your funnel. Grow your business with MCH dental practice data.

Compilation and Update process

MCH’s dental practices database is updated on a quarterly basis.  The database is NCOA (National Change of Address) and CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System), a USPS process for address accuracy, certified.  Each record is verified by phone when MCH receives information from trusted sources that indicates a change has occurred. There are hundreds of sources in which MCH uses to record changes or confirm, “no change.” Additionally, MCH has many client partnerships where changes are captured from live marketing campaigns. New practices and providers are added to the database during this process. MCH’s evidence-based approach is the backbone of our U.S.-based research center’s business model.

Email Quality

MCH permission-passes all email addresses in this database. We send the addressee an email explaining who we are and the services we provide, with an option to opt-out of receiving emails from our clients. This quality assurance process makes sure that our email deployments are CAN-SPAM compliant, and any addresses that "bounce" back as invalid addresses during the initial permission-pass process are cleaned from the database to improve the accuracy of the data. Additionally, MCH records bounced or undeliverable email addresses for emails deployed through our internal Channel_e service and removes all invalid addresses from the database, keeping the data fresh.  


MCH has several plug and play applications that integrate with the most popular CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms. We also build custom integrations to fit any sales and marketing tech stack.

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Analytics Services

Translate data into the information you need with MCH’s analytics services. Make more informed decisions faster to grow your business, retain more customers and work more efficiently.

How analytics changes the game

  Enhanced ESP Report   Data Mapping   MCH Buyer Modeling   Customer Lifetime Value   Market Basket Analysis   Customer Reactivation   List Fatigue and Decay Analysis   Custom Analytics Projects

Enterprise IT Development

MCH can help you build tools and applications that are specific to your organization’s technology needs. Our services range from IT consulting to enterprise development and implementation.

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What People Are Saying

"MCH has been a long-term partner with us and their industry knowledge and expertise for health, education, and government-related data has helped our clients immensely. Their data team is very professional, friendly and responsive, a joy to work with! We look forward to working with them in the future." Hannah Rivera
Exact Data Vice President, Client Services

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