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MCH partners with LiveRamp

June 23, 2023  |  Ellen McGuyer

MCH Strategic Data Partners with LiveRamp

As leaders in the K-12 education marketing data space, we've been keeping a keen eye on industry trends and the evolving needs of our clients. One key observation? The ever-increasing importance of programmatic digital advertising.

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with LiveRamp, the leading data collaboration platform, as part of our ongoing mission to provide you with the most advanced, actionable data solutions for your marketing needs. This partnership brings our vast and rich education database to the digital sphere, making it ready for your programmatic advertising initiatives.

Our expansive database, known for its extensive coverage and detailed data attributes, can now be accessed through LiveRamp, enabling you to reach the right educators and decision-makers across LiveRamp’s extensive network of top-quality platforms. Think about the power of our data and LiveRamp's insights and seamless activation at your fingertips, providing you with precise and effective targeting options.

What does this mean for you?

  • Broadened Reach: Our data, now activated for online targeting, can reach over 5.5 million educators across 26 million devices.
  • Precision Targeting: Utilize our data attributes for custom segment creation, matching your specific needs.
  • Year-Round Accessibility: Reach K-12 personnel at home and at work, during summer and winter breaks when school is not even in session.
  • Flexible Integration: Easy push to your DSP of choice or any social media platform.

Remember, what sets MCH Strategic Data apart is not just our high compilation and verification standards but our experience, integrity, and longstanding reputation in the education marketing data field. This new collaboration with LiveRamp takes our service to a new level, ensuring you're at the cutting edge of digital marketing in the K-12 space.

As we can see with the 2023 - 2024 school calendars, the education market is quickly becoming a year-round marketing and sales effort. Aside from a few weeks in July, the true educational marketing cycle has no time off. So how do you get your message to stand out? The winning marketing campaign uses a data-driven approach to understand the full cycle of the school year, with promotions timed for those budgets and funding releases that offer the biggest spending opportunities.

MCH, LiveRamp, and You

Curious about what this could mean for your campaigns? We'd love to discuss how this integration with LiveRamp can revolutionize your digital advertising strategy and help you make the most of your marketing spend. Get in touch today to learn more!



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