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MCH Strategic Data: National Education Technology Plan 2024

June 28, 2024  |  Ellen McGuyer

Empowering Education: National Education Technology Plan 2024

In today's dynamic educational landscape, effective communication with key decision-makers is essential for driving change and innovation. At MCH Strategic Data, we specialize in providing precise and comprehensive data to help you reach the right audience in the K-12 education sector. Inspired by the National Education Technology Plan 2024 (NETP), we explore how targeted outreach can bridge educational divides and promote innovation.


Closing the Digital Access Divide

The NETP emphasizes the critical need to address the digital access divide, ensuring all students have equitable access to technology. Our data services empower companies to connect with the right educational leaders who are making strides in this area.


  • Use Case: A tech company can target district technology coordinators and school principals to promote affordable and effective digital learning tools, ensuring these resources reach the students who need them most.

Supporting Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) hold the potential to revolutionize the educational experience. The NETP highlights the importance of integrating these technologies effectively, and MCH’s data helps tech companies reach educators ready to embrace these innovations.


  • Use Case: A company specializing in AI-driven educational tools used MCH Education data to send targeted promotions to high school IT directors and district technology officers. This ensures that schools are equipped with the latest advancements in AI, ML, and other emerging technologies to enhance learning environments and improve educational outcomes.

Professional Development and Capacity Building

Ongoing professional development is crucial for educators to stay abreast of new teaching strategies and technologies. The NETP underscores this need, and MCH data services enable organizations to reach out to educators and administrators with valuable training opportunities.


  • Use Case: Build a community on our strategic partner's professional development platform, Access thousands of teachers and target them by interest community. Let MCH help drive awareness and interest in your edWeb-hosted communities with email and programmatic outreach to your targeted audiences. This approach ensures that your professional development initiatives reach the educators who will benefit most, enhancing their ability to support diverse learning needs and effectively integrate new technologies into their teaching.

Precision Targeting with High-Quality Data

At MCH Strategic Data, we pride ourselves on the accuracy and comprehensiveness of our contact and geographic data. Here's why our data stands out:


  • Precision Targeting: Access up-to-date contact lists tailored to specific roles within the education sector, such as librarians, IT coordinators, and school administrators.
  • High-Quality Data: Our data is meticulously verified through proprietary high-tech data collection methods and human phone calls, ensuring accuracy and relevance.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our data spans the entire United States, allowing you to filter by geographic location, school size, and more to refine your marketing efforts.

Success Stories: Transforming Educational Outreach

Our clients have leveraged our data to achieve remarkable results in their outreach efforts. Here are a few success stories:


  • Case Study 1: A children's book publisher increased their sales by 40% after targeting middle school librarians with a personalized email campaign, ensuring their new book reached the right audience.
  • Case Study 2: An edtech company expanded its market reach by 30% by promoting their new software directly to district technology coordinators, leading to widespread adoption of their innovative solution.


The National Education Technology Plan 2024 provides a roadmap for enhancing educational equity and innovation through effective use of technology. By leveraging the power of precise and comprehensive contact data from MCH Strategic Data, you can ensure your outreach efforts are impactful and reach the right audience.

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