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Top 10 Healthcare Marketing

February 14, 2020  |  Amy Rambo

10 Reasons to Try the Freshest Source of Healthcare Marketing Data

If you’ve been in the healthcare market for a while, you may already know – marketing data doesn’t come cheap.  The top dog healthcare data providers have the contact data you need, but also have an extensive suite of additional services you may or may not need.  If you are new to healthcare, it can be hard to test and learn what works for your business with prohibitive pricing and long-term commitments to data subscriptions.  And yet, some of the smaller players in the healthcare database have incomplete datasets or just can’t guarantee their quality will be reliable.


If you are looking for a database of physician groups, a doctors list, list of cardiologists, dentist emails, or many other titles and contact datasets in the healthcare market, MCH Strategic Data can help.  Here are a few reasons why working with MCH can help you get the contact data, you want – quickly, easily, cost-effectively -- and without a lot of strings attached. 


  1. We’ve been in the data business for more than 90 years.  Starting with education marketing data, we’ve offered healthcare data solutions since 1985 – and we keep making them bigger and better today.
  2.  We’re making the technology investments to bring you more quality information, faster.  Our team of technologists, data engineers and scientists, and quality control specialists are harnessing the power of cloud technologies and machine learning to continually improve, expand, and validate our healthcare data solutions. 
  3. We’ve added more than 350k new doctor, dentist, dermatologist, radiologist, and more healthcare title emails to our file in the past 3 months. 
  4. We compile healthcare office managers and have more than 1 million emails and contacts on our healthcare database. Clients who use this file have a secret weapon to get their message in front of the gate keeper in many physician practice groups, dental offices, nursing homes, and hospitals.
  5. Our intuitive, no-commitment online data ordering system lets you order the data you need, when you need it.  All you need is a credit card and you’re on your way.
  6. Not sure what you need? MCH sales consultants are available to discuss your needs and strategy.  Providing service and support to our customers – big or small – sets us apart.
  7. Our prices are the best in the industry for high quality, actionable contacts such as email addresses of doctors, dentist emails, arthritis specialists, lists of cardiologists – and so much more.  
  8. We don’t have order minimums.  Our easy-to-use online system gives you access to our healthcare institutions and key contact groups. With no minimum orders we can help, even when your budget is small.  What a great way to test markets without overcommitting your marketing budget!
  9. We can help you integrate our data and better understand yours.  If you’re looking for a healthcare provider database to power your operations, or simply need medical lists to drive your marketing campaigns, we have resources to help.  We’re using cloud-based technologies to help clients manage their customer and campaign data, to improve the quality of their customer insight, and to populate their CRM and marketing automation systems. Plus, we have a full suite of healthcare analytics services to help you learn even more from your business.
  10. We make your job easier.  Combining our no commitment, easy-to-order online system with a team of data experts ready to help you use our healthcare data solutions most effectively, we put our customers first. 

We’re ready for you.  Review our healthcare provider counts, run counts for the healthcare titles in your region or market, build a list to see the options and pricing available for your needs, and talk to one of our sales consultants.  Let MCH help you reach more physician groups, dentists, hospital administrators, and specialists – more quickly, and more cost effectively – than anywhere else!  






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"We buy from MCH Strategic Data on a regular basis having been impressed from the start with how helpful the team is with our initial data requests to processing the orders quickly."
"MCH was invaluable in helping me determine the list that would best fit my company, in addition to staying within my budget."
"Since switching to MCH, we’ve seen a drastic increase of metrics across the board –open rates, click through rates and our leads gathered through capture forms are much higher."
"MCH has proven to be a true partner. Their team provided us with a variety of tools to allow us to easily access quality education data. We appreciate their excellent customer service and technical support."
"I have to say the MCH list platform is the easiest online list count/order system I have used.

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